Precision Engineering

Machine list

Our production strengths include:

  • diverse technology allows the choice of the best machine for every job, lowering production time and offering competitive prices;
  • ongoing annual investment to rennovate the shop floor and introduce new technologies;
  • high production capacity; 
  • reduction of machine faults and breakdowns thanks to preventive maintenance and highly skilled in-house technicians.
  • in-house development and implementation of bespoke automation to handle your parts and increase productivity.
CNC precision turning and milling centres



  • 2x  WT20
  • 6x  WT150
  • 2x  WT150GR (GANTRY)
  • 2x  WT250 
  • 1x  WT300GR (GANTRY)
  • 1x  SUPER NTJ



  • 2x  B500
  • 2x  B545



  • 1x  INTEGREX 100
  • 1x  SQT 250


CNC precision lathes



  • 2x  B012
  • 1x  BS12
  • 1x  BS18
  • 1x  BN20 
  • 8x  BS20
  • 1x  BH38



  • 2x  SA32


Multispindle automatic lathes



  • 7x  SE25



  • 1x  S32



  • 5x  MS25
  • 2x MS25E 



  • 2x  AA48



  • 5x  AS14
  • 2x  SAS16.6